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Class Schedule

Yoga Class for all Ages

Book your own Group Yoga Class.  What a great way to spend time with your friends and family. The possibilities are unlimited. 

Yoga Class:$30.00 per person (minimum 5 people)

Private Group Yoga 


9:00-10:00am      Stretch and restore


9:00-10:00am     Vinyasa Flow All Levels




check for up-coming workshops and Master Classes  


Single Class $15

Four class card $40

Eight class card $80

Ten class card  $100

All class cards are non-refundable and non-transferable BUT they NEVER expire. We love our Students.

Please leave all phones and electronic devices in cubbies.  If you need to leave early, please let the teacher know so that you may be close to the doorway.  Please refrain from wearing any heavy scents because they do intensify as the body heats up. 

Door is locked at the time of class.

Private Yoga Session $70

60 minutes of private yoga time, one on one with Brigitte. If you have ever wanted to practice yoga or need assistance with your practice then this is for you. Includes a deep relaxation period with aroma therapy to end the session.


Private Yoga for Two $80

60 minutes of private yoga time, for you and a partner with Brigitte leading, and assisting you along the way. This session Includes a deep relaxation period with aroma therapy.

Stretch and Restore

This class allows you to connect the breath with deep stretching, by using straps and blocks. Also, using the bolster to open up the lower back and shoulders, so the body can release the muscles.

Vinyasa Flow 

This class is good for everyone.  Vinyasa means to link.  So we link the asana with the breath. Flow brings movement and strengthens the muscles and increases flexibility.


YoThai is the best of both worlds, a combination of Thai Yoga Stretch and Hatha yoga. This is a small group setting allowing time for deep assisted stretch in helping to release tension and restore the body. This class is like no other.  Brigitte has taken her training of Hatha yoga and combined it with her training of Thai Yoga, to come up with this unique class. It’s Yummy! When Brigitte came up with this unique offering she chose to name it YoThai.  Students must preregister and prepay for this class. 

Description of Classes
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